Michael Kiss is a furniture maker, sculptor, bronze caster living on Vancouver Island operating a small studio working on a range of custom and unique projects locally and internationally.  Originally from Saskatchewan Michael Moves out to British Columbia receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts before doing a year long Fine woodworking course and an apprenticeship in Denmark with woodworking before moving to Vancouver Island. Since them Michael has set up a small studio and has worked on a wide range of projects from sculpture to furniture. Many of these projects have been international which has allowed for some travel with his work. Most recently Michael has taken over the commercial end of a bronze foundry and looks forward to taking on future artistic challenges. 

With sculpture Michael explores organic and industrial forms in stone, metal and wood. Inspired by the ocean, plants, and various mythologies Michael looks to transpose the solidness and rigidness of a material to a simpler and fluid natural form. When Michael works with stone, he begins with a concept but as material is removed often the form changes based on the qualities of the stone. As such, the sculpture is constantly changing based on the materials influence as opposed to Michael forcing the material. Michael's work is influenced by his surroundings for both material and inspiration. Michael's goal is that his work both replicates and examines forms in mythology, the natural world and technology.